Sheila Keefe Ortiz is a native of Chelsea, Massachusetts, a small city next to Boston. She is an abstract artist whose focus is on drawing and painting from nature, figure, and still life. She met her husband Marcos in Cambridge, Massachusetts; they married and returned to his home in Venezuela, where they lived for three years. The beauty of Caracas, the Andes mountains, and the local culture touched her heart and soul; and influenced her work when she began to study art seriously.  While bringing up her family, they relocated many times. Over the span of 20 years, they lived in Vermont, New Jersey, Idaho, North Carolina, and Upstate New York.  During this time, Sheila acquired her Bachelors in Studio Art and Art History and her Masters in Art Education. Upon graduation, Sheila worked full-time as an Art and Spanish teacher for the Alternative School for Math and Science in Corning, New York; and when not teaching, she worked in her home studio. Sheila is an award- winning artist and she exhibits her work regionally. While living in the Corning area, she was represented by the West End Gallery. She is presently represented by The New Elements Gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she currently resides. Upon retiring from teaching, she works full-time in her home studio. She is exploring the world of watercolors and big canvases, drawing and painting local flowers and seascapes, still life, and figure, while developing universal themes around origins, artifacts, and memories.


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